Andie Carroll, sharing her passion for teaching ESL in the remote classrooms in Noth Bali

We are an online English language school based in England, teaching children and adults English [ESL].

Love Learn English

We Are Love Learn English


To teach students from 5-16yrs online English from all over the world. Providing the best resources and some of the most engaging 'fun' teachers'. 

We are fully committed to delivering a multisensory, inclusive learning material that encompasses all learner types.

Even those wonderfully creatively minded children who may display signs of dyslexia.

As a team of Educators, we know how important it is to know every student regardless of nationality or age group. For your child, it provides them an additional sense of belonging and connection when they work with our online teachers'. 

We value the importance of continued professional development holding regular training programs that ensures all our teachers are fully supported in their roles, enabling them to create meaningful impact and good learning outcomes for your child.

On a Personal Note: 



We provide some of the most skilled engaging online English teachers who follow Inclusive learning methodology. So no matter the students’ pace of learning, we cater to their individual needs, ensuring they gain the skills to speak English with confidence.

Love Learn English reaches students worldwide, giving learners, even in the remotest parts of the world an opportunity to learn English from a native English speaker.  

Whilst making learning the number one priority, we encourage full engagement from the student by making the lessons as comfortable, entertaining, friendly and fun as possible. Our role is to connect with students and encourage them to be enthused about learning.

We are a trusted online teaching company

"I love my teacher, he makes learning fun"!

"English made easy because I have dyslexia"

"I learn at my own pace but still feel challenged"

"I'm more confident to speak English"

"My teacher is very patient with me"


What Our






My name is Tony, I train all our dedicated teachers for Love, Learn English. Our teachers are very carefully selected ensuring they have an adaptable learning delivery style that can be applied to many diverse students who learn in different ways.

Tony McAdams

Online Teacher Trainer

My name is Paul, I'm an experienced online English Teacher. I love working for Love Learn English, my lessons are planned for me, which means I can focus on being super creative with my students! The absolute best thing is, I love to travel, so this is a great way of taking my job with me wherever I go.

Paul Ellis

Online Teacher

Melanie Williams

Teacher Coordinator

My name is Melanie, I coordinate online classes for all our lovely students. I also support students and parents throughout the entire learning program. Furthermore, my team supports our dedicated teachers' requirements ensuring learning outcomes are met and students are fully catered for.

Andie Carroll 

Founder &  Director of Love, Learn English

Welcome, I'm the proud Founder of Love, Learn English (LLE), I'm also an experienced UK qualified teacher at Master's Degree Level, a philanthropist & an activist in education. A humanitarian seeking to make a difference in people's lives by offering quality education for all. Giving back and being a service to others inspires me to be a creative professional and Founding Director of Love, Learn English.

(Grade 2 after a lesson of learning English with Andie. Bali, Indonesia).


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