Frequently asked questions

Is online learning effect for students?

Some think teaching online is of less quality than classroom learning, but the truth is teaching online has the potential to provide better experience than classroom learning.” According to some professors, students in their online courses performed generally the same as in their traditional in-person courses

How long does it take to start a learning program for my child?

It depends on your availabilty and how quickly you wish to start. We are very flexible and have maany teahers to suit students learning needs.

What is the age group of students you teach?

We teach from age 5 to 16 yrs old from all over the globe. We have a diverse curriculum which meets UK Education standards ensuring all learner types are met. We focus on speaking, self-esteem and building confidence in using the English language. Further more we use an inclusive learning methodology and target teachers who are experienced in dealing with diverse learners.

Why choose Love, Learn English and why are we different?

The Founder of Love, Learn English is an experienced teacher at Master's Level who is an activist in education. Passion to lead more teachers' in understanding the transformation of modern education. The Founder's passion for inclusive education is deeply engrained throughout the curriculum, enabling ALL learner types to enjoy, engage, progress and understand the curriculum that is taught to them.

My child has learning difficulties, can they join?

Absolutely yes! we welcome all students, even the ones who have learning difficulties. We have trained teachers who will support your child in their learning journey. Our teachers are trained to work with dyslexic and autistic students, we provide our teachers with a dynamic curriculum enbling them to capture the imagination of all our unique thinkers!

How many trial classes can I have?

You are able to have 1 trial class per family, should you have 2+ children we would suggest to put them in a group class, this giving you an isight to our teaching stlye and curriculum. Thereafter, if you are happy with our service you can continue to place them in group classes or place them seperately in 1-to-1 classes.

What do you charge for your service?

We have different packages to suit. Once you register and you are happy to work with us, we offer a free student assessment, this is so we can understand how best your child learns and to indentify their strengths and weaknesses. We offer classes in bundles of; 20, 40 or 60. Midway we provide a report of your child's progress. All our bundle packages are sent to you for your consideration, once you are happy with the trial class and without obligation you can choose your bundle at any time.

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