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Why Choose Love Learn English?


We only attract talent! Top-skilled online teachers are targeted by our recruiters. We offer an attractive teaching package to ensure staff sustainability and low-turnover of teachers.



Prior teaching we offer an Initial Student  Assessment [ISA] to best understand your child's learning needs. We pride ourselves on delivering tailored learning material to best suit your child's learning channel. Unlike many other online language schools we don't rush you child on our program until we know how they learn best!



We use Special Educational Needs [SEN] teachers', who are essential members of our dynamic team of world-class teachers'. These teachers' are experienced in working with dyslexic, dyspraxia and autistic students.


We believe learning MUST be 'fun'. Therefore we only offer you enthusiastic dedicated native English speaking teachers', all trained to use 'Inclusive Learning' methodology capturing the imagination of all learner types including dyslexic and autistic learners.

Focusing on:

ABCs, basic phonic sounds, emotions, and a large variety of vocabularies such as colors, animals, and foods. Plus we use a large variety of digital Flashcards, perfect for our visual learners.

Our 4 Learning Programs Focuses on Diverse Learning Needs Supporting ALL students and Those Who are Autistic and Dyslexic




Advanced  + [Conversation]

focusing on: teaching verbs, adjectives, sight words and phonics in a variety of ways to make sure all students can become proficient at English, regardless of different learning styles.

focuses on:

teaching all new verbs, adjectives, nouns, and grammar points, using new vocabulary in full sentences, speaking practice, digital flashcards, underpinning inclusive learning practices.

Focusing on:

The 'Art Of Conversation'

Choose any subject and use this lesson to discuss, express and share your interest in it. Plus build knowledge around language nuances.

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Our Take On...

Inclusive Learning

Our ethos is fully focused on teaching for all abilities and believing in all abilities. We embrace and nurture students by understanding the pace and style of their learning using teaching material which is adapted to meet the needs of the learners'. Every single student receives full encouragement throughout the curriculum to ensure they can speak English with competency and confidence. 

TPR Methodology

Total Physical Response (TPR) is a method of teaching language or vocabulary concepts by using physical movement to react to verbal input. The process mimics the way that infants learn their first language, and it reduces student inhibitions and lowers stress.


Online Education

Online education is not limited to a certain type of student, it is open to all, with different needs and traits. Distance education is used by students from all walks of life all over the world. Because it is rapidly growing, universities and colleges now focus more on distance learning education and placing resources in online education teacher training and curriculum development for e-learners. 

Who do we teach?

We teach all children and teeneagers with different learning abilities.

We use engaging and interactive courseware that creates fun, exciting and interesting lessons.

We employ SEN teachers' who support are unique thinkers such as our dyslexic and autistic students.

Globally We provide classes to students from 5-16yrs in any part of the world, wherever there is a good internet connection and eager to learn students. 

Our curriculum content is influenced by:

We Offer:

45 minute Student Assessment Enrollment. 
Once you've selected your class and frequency package we offer a free 45-minute student assessment [no written test]. Prior enrolling your Son or Daughter we would like to understand their learning needs, what challenges them, and what excites them to learn. Thereafter, we develop an Individual learning program and set them off on their journey of developing their speaking skills in the English language.
Packages To Suit The Student's Learning Needs
We offer a flexible approach to class bookings. We understand everyone has different budgets and commitment levels. See class bookings to help make your decision. 

3 Steps to Enrolling With Love, Learn English   

Scroll below and pick a 'level' and select your dates for the 45 Minute pre-enrolment student assessment.

Once you've confirmed your dates you'll go to the 'class package' page. Pick your desired package and class frequency.  

Once you've made your selection you'll be directed to the payment page. We accept many different types of payments, and should you want to cancel, let us know 24 hours prior to the class starting and you'll receive a full refund. 


Our Services

  • Relax, 'pay as you go' and learn at your own pace...!

    30 min

    22 British pounds

Pick your level and click 'book'...!

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